Aspect of the Week

Week #8: Chaos Shield

For this week, in the spirit of bablo’s choice for the upcoming Hermes Cup 4, we have chosen the Shield of Chaos Aspect of Chaos.
So while all 8 racers ban practice Chaos shield, we thought it would be nice if everyone else had the chance to as well.

Most current successful runs begin with Zeus keepsake for the special before forcing either Tidal dash or Artemis attack in Asphodel depending on hammers and natural Tartarus boons. For reference, check the following runs below:
Current WR by bablo (7:04 IGT):
Former WR by cgull (8:46 IGT):
1.0 WR by bablo (7:32 IGT):

Week #7: Hades Spear

Final results

bablo7mn 14s2021-02-16
cgull8mn 05s2021-02-15
Sage8mn 41s2021-02-17
Ragolar8mn 53s2021-02-22
pseudo9mn 06s2021-02-21
Blightning9mn 13s2021-02-20
Guan Yeezy9mn 25s2021-02-19
DunkinDio10mn 33s2021-02-21
Shaded10mn 33s2021-02-21
PeachHead0011mn 15s2021-02-21
tylerhk9312mn 11s2021-02-21
fsBrain13mn 33s2021-02-21
Full description

For this week, it’s time to spin 2 win with Hades Spear, a weapon that saw plenty of action in previous weeks with the most recent Hermes Cup.

For information on how to best build this aspect, check out the current world record by RonnieDaBear, who used an artemis attack serrated point build to finish in 8:05 IGT:

In addition, another good resource would be babloization’s 1.0 aspect WR which ran a similar build:

For other, more cursed special focused builds, please check out this match between Wriste13 and Webs2d in the semifinals of HC3:

Week #6: Zagreus Rail

Final results

Lili6mn 43s2021-02-11
bablo7mn 31s2021-02-08
Tounis7mn 47s2021-02-08
cgull7mn 49s2021-02-08
oldmcjonald7mn 56s2021-02-11
Daeduless8mn 04s2021-02-08
pseudo8mn 04s2021-02-08
Bright8mn 18s2021-02-14
trash_lapras8mn 57s2021-02-09
Sage9mn 12s2021-02-09
Kate9mn 21s2021-02-09
Revenchule10mn 35s2021-02-11
Cuesbey13mn 32s2021-02-10
Full description

For this week we are going back to the rail, this time for Zagreus aspect. This rarely-seen aspect is finally getting more love due to ROWO getting more popular so now is a perfect time to master this starter aspect of the ROWO lineup.

While you can play it as a bootleg Eris, there is a fun build that can only really work on Zag Rail! Going for a Artemis crit build with Spread Fire hammer makes Zag Rail play like a melee weapon. You can see it in action here:

Week #5: Poseidon Sword

Final results

litle gremlin7mn 14s2021-02-02
Ellomenop7mn 55s2021-02-04
Bablo8mn 01s2021-02-07
cin2win8mn 09s2021-02-04
pseudo8mn 33s2021-02-02
RonnieDaBear8mn 41s2021-02-01
cgull8mn 45s2021-02-02
Sage9mn 14s2021-02-01
UltraVioletArts9mn 22s2021-02-01
Latt_Millard9mn 39s2021-02-04
Kitten Caboodle9mn 44s2021-02-01
trash_lapras9mn 57s2021-02-04
oldmcjonald11mn 23s2021-02-01
narcodis11mn 40s2021-02-06
Revenchule11mn 44s2021-02-01
fsBrain12mn 18s2021-02-07
Full description

For this week, we’ve chosen Poseidon sword, a weapon that balances the advantages of casts with the inherent strengths of sword.
This aspect has been chosen because, while popular in multiweapon categories, it is a bit less loved in anyheat (current best time on boards is a 7:44 by some loser named bright zero one).

While the traditional route is to build around zeus cast and poseidon dash, both mom blossom start and ME are viable (maybe optimal?) options for anyheat.
Examples of each are below:

Week #4: Rama Bow

Final results
Lapis7mn 15s2021-01-31
scalarmotion8mn 18s2021-01-26
Tounis8mn 36s2021-01-26
cgull8mn 38s2021-01-29
pseudo8mn 44s2021-01-27
RonnieDaBear8mn 49s2021-01-28
Bright019mn 18s2021-01-28
UltraVioletArts9mn 21s2021-01-28
trash_lapras9mn 35s2021-01-28
little vermin10mn 11s2021-01-28
Dunkin Dio11mn 35s2021-01-28
thedonnychen11mn 41s2021-01-27
Revenchule11mn 43s2021-01-30
fsBrain12mn 25s2021-01-28
oldmcjonald12mn 52s2021-01-26
Full description

For this week’s aspect of the week, we’ve chosen Rama, a weapon that rewards good positioning and hitting those powershots.

Leaderboard on the 2021-01-25
JDN7mn 46s2021-01-03
pseudonym77779mn 15s2021-01-02
itsaconcept9mn 20s2021-01-01
Frosty11mn 2s2021-01-11
sleeet11mn 7s2020-12-06
snoboarder11mn 31s2020-12-15
1Pacificador11mn 42s2020-12-13
El-ahrairah11mn 59s2020-12-27
maglevtrain13mn 59s2020-12-25
AxeDoesStuff14mn 12s2021-01-06
mkara18mn 52s2021-01-11

For guidance, check this tutorial by JDN:

Alternatively, check out any of the many races it was featured in during Hermes Cup 3 for an idea of how it functions on a race level.

For any of you high heat peeps out there, it goes without saying that Tailesque’s 40 heat WR or 60 heat runs are definitely the go-to runs if you’re interested in pushing the pact of punishment with this weapon.
40 heat WR:
60 heat:

Week #3: Zeus Shield

Final results

Ghaelwinds8mn 15s-
Cgull8mn 26s-
Baj8mn 33s-

Latt_Millard made a video guide for Zeus Shield

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