Elysium chamber layout


Head to the red spawn then orange, stay around the center.


Head to the spawns, stay between them.


Head to the spawn, and try to head to the exit while clearing the waves if possible.

C_Combat04 – left entrance

Start with the right spawn, then go to the left one. Stay near the exit.

C_Combat04 – right entrance

Head to the spawn, stay there.

C_Combat05 – left entrance

Head to the spawn, stay there.

C_Combat05 – right entrance

Kill orange first if it spawned, then go to red and stick to the right door.


Kill the red spawn, check the top bridge if an ennemy is still missing. Stay near the entrance to prevent spawns on the bridges and on the other side of the chamber.


Head to the left spawn, then to the top one. Stay there.


Check if you see orange when entering the room. Kill it if it spawned, then head to red. Stick to the top wall to prevent spawns in the bottom.
If you didn’t saw orange but it actually spawned, go there and saty around the bottom right.


Stay in the center.


Head to the red spawn, then stick to the top-right area.


To do


Kill the red spawn, stay there.


Kill the right spawn first, then go to the left one. With ranged weapons, you can also tag the right spawn and head directly to the left one.
Try to stay on the top-left of the chamber.

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