Eris Rail Guide

1) Introduction

While every weapon/aspect can get a good speedrunning time, few can be as fast as Eris. It is also a very steady weapon, as it can be played with different hammers and boons.
It doesn’t require a lot of skill to be played correctly, making it a solid choice to start speedrunning.

2) TL;DR

Quick summary to get you started:

The build:
Get Zeus attack, Poseidon Dash, and a percentage damage special.
Start your run with Zeus keepsake, then switch to Poseidon in Asphodel, then Sigil for Elysium/Styx.
Don’t take any call except Zeus.

Refresh your Eris buff as often as possible.
Use your special at the beginning of a room and when you reload.
Use your cast against armored enemies and bosses.
Use your Megaera summon at the start of mini-bosses and bosses fight.
Dash often and into enemies, play aggressively at melee range.

Always choose “free rooms” (event -> shop -> chaos -> mini-boss) over regular rooms.
Prioritize Hammer -> Hermes -> Zeus/Poseidon.
Use your reroll mostly on boons from Hermes, Zeus, and Poseidon.
Best Hammers are Cluster->Rocket->Targetin->Flurry.

3) Setup

3.1) Mirror

From top to bottom:

  • Fiery Presence since your base attack damage is quite low, and you can get a lot of damage from your special if it first strikes, especially with the “Rocket Bomb” Hammer
  • Chthonic Vitality helps to maintain your health during the run, and every chamber reward is better than darkness
  • Death Defiance let you play very aggressively during bosses fights, and it regenerates more health when you die
  • Greater Reflex to move faster
  • Boiling Blood for the extra damage
  • Stygian Soul you don’t want to chase your cast when it drops. It also removes some bad boons from the gods’ pool, like “Lightning Rod” and “Flurry Cast”, and is easier to use if you get “Ravenous Will”
  • Deep Pockets money is scarce early on, and you want to be able to buy early boons from shops
  • High Confidence is damage, so it’s preferable. However, if you don’t feel safe or get hit often, switching to “Thick Skin” is a correct choice
  • Family Favorite is better because you don’t really want any curse except “Jolted” and the buff apply directly at the beginning of your run
  • Dark Foresight more chance for good chamber rewards. Boons are very important for a fast run
  • Gods’ Pride increases your base 5% epic boon chance up to 25%. You also don’t really want any Legendary/Duo. “this boon says epic, so it’s great”
  • Fated Persuasion because you want to reroll the god rewards to get the best build

3.2) Keepsake

The usual keepsake order is:
Tartarus: Thunder Signet
Asphodel: Conch Shell
Elysium: Hourglass or Purse or Sigil
Styx: Acorn or Sigil

The choice in Elysium/Styx depends on your current build, but to make it simple:

  • In Elysium, if you have a call, take « Hourglass » if you have some money and/or the well has something good, otherwise take « Purse”.
    If you don’t have a call, take “Hourglass” if the well has a “Chimaera Jerky”, you have “Cluster” or “Rocket”, and no “Rush Delivery”.
    Otherwise, take “Sigil”
  • In Styx, use “Sigil” if you have no call already. “Acorn” is a decent choice, but only if you already have a call or a few “Death Defiance” left. The burst from “Sigil” combined with the possibility to manipulate Hades’ fight will be better than the “Acorn” buff.

Thunder Signet is the keepsake you start your run with, to get “Lightning Strike” early on.

Conch Shell is what you switch for in Asphodel, to get “Tidal Dash”.
If you already have it, it is still a good pick because Poseidon has a lot of good boons.

Adamant Arrowhead can be used for Asphodel instead of “Conch Shell” if you already have “Tidal Dash” and no boon on your special.

Bone Hourglass is a great choice for Elysium if you have some money.
There are a couple of good things to get from the well (see below), especially if you have a “Rush Delivery” or a call. You can check the well at the end of Asphodel before choosing “Hourglass” over the “Purse” or the “Sigil”. Don’t forget to buy from the well in the last chamber of the biome before switching “Hourglass” to another keepsake, as the buff will still apply.

Coin Purse can be used in Elysium if you’re low on money, and/or have nothing interesting from the well.

Evergreen Acorn is a decent choice for Styx if you already have a call. It helps to maintain the “High Confidence” buff during the Hades fight.

Sigil of Hades is good/awesome depending on the situation.
It gives a strong damage buff, and a movement speed increase (which combine very well with “Rush Delivery”).
However, if you don’t have either “Proud Bearing” or “Aether net”(s), you will probably be able to use it only once per chamber in Elysium, and for Styx it will only be up against Hades.
If you do have either “Proud Bearing” or 2x“Aether net”, you can use it right when you enter a chamber, which is especially strong in Styx tunnels.
Sigil also allows to “manipulate” the Hades fight (see below).

Pom Blossom is NOT a good choice.
In Tartarus/Asphodel, you want Zeus/Poseidon keepsakes to force their boons. In Elysium it will probably proc only once, twice in Styx. Your boon pool is already quite large by then, so it may not proc on a useful boon.

3.3) Summon

Meg is the right choice for any%, as usual. Check the Generic Information

3.4) Pact of punishment (Heat)

Check the Generic Information. You can run FO-1 or FO-0 if you don’t feel safe enough, but with a bit of practice, FO-2 is very manageable with Eris.

4) Gameplay

4.1) The build

Your core build is Zeus “Lightning Strike”, Poseidon “Tidal Dash” and a special boon with a percentage damage increase.

Zeus’ “Lightning Strike” helps you clean early game rooms much faster, thanks to Eris’ fast attack and global damage buff. Loses some value in the late game, but the time gain in the early game is invaluable.

You want a boon with a damage percent increase: Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon, or Demeter in that order. Never pick a boon with special raw damage (Zeus, Ares, or Dionysus).

  • Artemis is the preferred choice because it can crit, and crit is one of the only multiplicative sources of damage
  • Aphrodite has the best percent damage increase and unlocks a couple of decent/good boons
  • Athena unlock “Proud Bearing”
  • Poseidon damage is good, but the knockback effect can be painful, especially if you have “Rocket”. There are also a lot of boons you want from Poseidon, so it’s preferable to get the special from one of the gods above. It also opens up “Sea Storm” which is great, but still not worth picking the special most of the time
  • Demeter is often your last resort, since picking her special doesn’t unlock any other good boon

Poseidon “Tidal Dash” is a big part of your damage overall, and the only dash you want.
Never pick any other dash, unless you really know what you are doing.

Your cast is a decent damage source but is mostly used to proc the “Boiling Blood” debuff.
Don’t take a cast that removes the ability to lodge a shard into your enemy (Ares, Dionysus, or Demeter). Aphrodite cast is hard to use because of the smaller range, don’t take it.
You’ll usually end your run without any cast boon, but Athena and Poseidon can be useful.
Taking a cast has the benefit of preventing a cast boon to be offered afterward.

The only really good god call is Zeus. He has a lot of other good boons to offer though, so you’ll probably not take this.
Artemis is a decent fallback if she doesn’t offer any other good boon. Dionysus is only decent. All the other god calls are not worth it.
“Sigil” is often the best call choice in Elysium and/or Styx if you didn’t get Zeus’ call.

Support boons:
You are mostly looking for Zeus, Poseidon, and Artemis support boons. See the Boon section of the guide for more details.

Either “Greatest Reflex” or “Hyper Sprint” are the boons you want to get first.
As a second Hermes boon, try to get “Rush Delivery” if you got “Hyper Sprint”.

See the Hammer section of the guide

4.2) How to play

The first obvious advice is to get hit by your special explosion at least every 4s to refresh the Eris buff. Eris 75% global damage buff is the reason why this aspect is so strong, so you have to keep it up as much as possible. Usually, start a room by firing your special toward a near enemy, and dash into the explosion while attacking to get the Eris buff asap.

You can fire your special every 1.5s, which is a little less than the time needed to empty your full magazine. To avoid any downtime, usually don’t spam your special, but use it when you reload.
While it’s easier to refresh the buff by going into every special explosion, getting hit every two special is enough if you time it correctly.
When a new wave is about to spawn, usually target your special on the biggest circle to hit the monster with the highest HP.

Use your dash frequently whenever it’s off cooldown to reposition yourself, and you also attack faster when you dash-strike.
Don’t spam your dash button mindlessly though, try to position correctly for your next monster or toward the exit of the room.

Eris should be played almost as a melee weapon as soon as you get Poseidon “Tidal Dash” since it is a big part of your damage overall. Dash into enemies, pushing them toward the closest monster or wall for better damage.

Use your cast against armored enemies and bosses for increased damage.
Your cast damage is valuable in Tartarus, less later on.
Try to use your cast when a new wave is spawning, facing toward the direction of one circle. If you use it right before a new monster spawns, your cast will still hit it (since it travels quite slowly), and you can start shooting when the monster actually appears.
Don’t forget to refresh your cast against bosses. Whenever they shield between phases, use your cast right before the shield ends.
Dash right after using your cast to cancel the animation.

Reloading can be tough at first, it just needs some practice. Try to reload when your magazine is (almost) empty and between waves.
If playing IGT, take your time when making decisions. You can pause the game any time, especially at the end of a room to choose the best next room.

Know what you want for your build. Don’t buy or take rooms with gods you don’t need. See the Boon section of the guide for more information.

Keep some keys to reroll Poseidon for “Tidal Dash” and Hermes for either “Greatest Reflexes” or “Hyper Sprint” + “Rush Delivery”. Those are your most important boons.

Only use your rerolls on boons and wells, never on a pom.
Never reroll for rarity. Usually don’t reroll Chaos for a better blessing, only if all the curses are terrible. Think about what a good can give you before rerolling.

Usually don’t choose trial rooms unless in late Tartarus and if it is a Zeus/Poseidon combo.

If you encounter Patty, choose the Hydralite since your attack damage is to low to make the Cyclops Jerky worth it.

4.3) Chamber reward

If you don’t already have Poseidon, don’t take a chamber where the reward is a 4th different god.

The best gold rewards ordered from best to top:

  • Hammer: often the best choice, except in Tartarus if you are offered Poseidon or Artemis
  • Boon: there are some gods you want, and others you want to avoid though.
    Hermes is preferable if you don’t already have “Greatest Reflexes” or “Rush Delivery”.
    Zeus and Poseidon always have something nice to offer. Artemis is great, particularly for her special.
    Aphrodite and Athena are only good if you want their special or already have it and want “Sweet Surrender” or ”Proud Bearing”.
    Ares is bad. Demeter is almost worthless unless you really need her special. Dionysus is average.
  • Pom: worse than a good god, but better than one of the bad god as explained previously
  • Gold: worse than pom, unless you won’t have enough money(150) to buy a boon from the next shop
  • Centaur Heart: worst possible choice overall, only take it if you’re not feeling safe

The best blue rewards ordered from best to top:

  • Key: one more boon reroll, will probably always be useful
  • Nectar: a free random pom. Better than a key if you have few boons and some spare keys
  • Gemstone: 20 gold is still something
  • Darkness: you don’t need that 5 extra health

4.4) Buying in a shop

Always try to get enough gold to buy a potential boon god before hitting a shop.

Shopping order usually is:

  • Boon: from a god you want
  • Hammer: while it will almost always be offered as a room reward later on, usually buy it especially from the last shop before a boss
  • Random sack: don’t buy one if you already have 3 gods in your pool and no Poseidon as it might dilute your pool (as explained above)
  • Pom: especially for your first(s) “Tidal Dash” pomming
  • Slice of pom: because a cheap random pomming never hurts
  • Health: decent buy if you need it or if it can give you the “High Confidence” buff
  • Centaur Heart: never buy one unless you don’t feel safe
  • Darkness/keys/gemstones: never buy them

5) Hammer

Ordered from best to worse:

  • Cluster Bomb: 5 bombs instead of 1 at the cost of -30% damage is still 3.5 times more special damage.
    Makes it easier to get the Eris buff, and clear rooms with multiple enemies.
    It becomes “Rocket-Cluster” when combined with “Rocket Bomb”, which is the best Hammer combination for Eris by far
  • Rocket Bomb: improves your special damage from 60 to 80, and fires special much faster.
    Very good to get the Eris buff asap when entering a chamber, and one-shot most early monsters especially if you have a special boon.
    Probably better than “Cluster when playing with a Controller and/or as a 1st hammer, but I just love “Cluster” too much
  • Targeting System: +30% global damage and slows enemy movement.
    While it’s not relatively as good for Eris as other rail aspects (since you already have Eris 75% damage buff), it’s still a very strong hammer
  • Flurry Fire: great hammer that can become awesome with the “Spitting Bolt” boon.
  • Triple Bomb: not as good as “Cluster”, even if the damage potential is great.
    “Triple bomb” is hard to play with correctly because you need to use your special 3 times in quick succession to make the most of it
  • Piercing Fire: meh.
    Your attack is not your main damage source, but the extra armor damage and being able to hit a couple of monsters at once is still something
  • Ricochet Fire: meh.
    Same as piercing, but without the 50% armor damage buff
  • Seeking Fire: meh.
    10% extra attack damage is atrocious, and you’re not supposed to miss a lot of your shots if you play at melee range
  • Explosive Fire: bad.
    The explosion radius is small, and your attack is not your main source of damage
  • Spread Fire: bad.
    While Eris is kind of a melee weapon you still want some range, and the -6 ammo capacity is horrible to play around
  • Hazard Bomb: bad.
    While the damage buff and increased radius are great, you want to get into your own explosion with Eris
  • Delta Chamber (aka Medic Chamber): is a specific case.
    It is really helpful when you start playing because you might have a hard time doing all your stuff and reload correctly at the same time.
    It however does not increase your damage overall, and it might mess your reloading habit for your next run.

6) Boon

Boons list for each god. It’s ordered from best to ”less-best”, but the boon choice depends on your current build and where you are in your run.
Only listing the useful boons so if a boon is not listed here, then it will have a very small impact on your damage.
“Pomming” a boon means using a “Pom of Power” to increase its level.

6.1) Zeus

  • Lightning Strike: your starting boon.
    Faster room clear and good damage overall since Eris shoots fast. Mostly good in the early game. Rarity is not that important, so a common one is not a reason to reset.
    Starting a run with a common “Lightning Strike” is not the end of the world, don’t reroll it.
    Usually, don’t pom it unless in Tartarus.
  • Splitting Bolt: Zeus legendary is awesome, especially when combined with “Flurry Fire”.
    It however requires you to get “Storm Lightning” before, which is a much worse boon
  • Static Discharge: range from absurdly strong if epic rarity in the early game, only decent if common rarity in the late game.
    An epic Jolted in Tartarus can hard carry your run since it does high raw damage, which is amplified by Eris buff and FO2 makes enemies attack fast.
    Epic damage is almost double as the common, and it is less impactful after Asphodel. Can be pommed once
  • Billowing Strength: only available if you have a call, the global damage increase is great.
    Becomes even more valuable if you have “Proud Bearing” or “Aether Net”. A very good boon to pom at least once
  • Sea Storm: a great duo that mostly shines in early game or with “Greatest Reflex” from Hermes.
    However you need either Poseidon Cast or Special to get it, which are both quite “dead” boons, and the chance to get the duo if you don’t have Poseidon or Zeus keepsake is low.
    Not really played anymore
  • Zeus’ Aid: a very good call, probably the only really interesting one for Eris beside “Sigil”.
    Damage scales well with pom, but there’s usually something better to pom.
  • Smoldering Air: great pick if you have Zeus call
  • Storm Lightning: average boon, but unlocks “Spitting Bolt”.
    Good pick the early game (up until mid Asphodel) for a chance to get the legendary, quite bad after that.
    Never pom it.

6.2) Poseidon

  • Tidal Dash: one of the two “core” boon for Eris, this deals a lot of damage when combined with Eris buff global damage.
    It requires some practice to play around the knockback but can be used to your advantage when pushing monsters against walls for extra damage.
    Very good to pom, usually the best choice, even after a couple of poms.
  • Hydraulic Might: very good if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”, only average otherwise because it only affects your attack and special damage.
    Since you are speedrunning and most of your chamber will end fast, the damage bonus is almost always up.
    Usually, don’t pom it unless you have Cluster-Rocket.
  • Breaking Wave: great boon, high damage if you can push enemies against walls, and completely annihilates Styx tunnels.
    Can be pommed once especially if in common rarity
  • Sweet Nectar: good duo, but only if acquired quite early (before Elysium)
  • Typhoon’s Fury: the poor-man version of “Breaking Wave”, used for the same reason, but weaker.
    Don’t pom it
  • Wave pounding: good in Epic or if you have “Greatest Reflex” from Hermes, average otherwise.
    You already have around 100% increased damage, and this only affects your dash damage against bosses, so it’s actually not that good
  • Flood Shot: quite useless, but unlocks “Sea Storm”.
    Usually don’t pick it unless you don’t wanna reroll and you have no boon above offered.
    Don’t pom it
  • Tempest Flourish: good damage and unlocks “Sea Storm”, but the knockback makes it hard to play your special (even more with “Rocket”).
    Only a decent pick if you are in Asphodel and still couldn’t find a special damage boon.
    Good to pom if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”

6.3) Hermes

  • Rush Delivery: very high damage bonus when combined with “Hyper Sprint”, and even more with extra “Ignited Ichor” from the well.
    However Hermes only offers it if you have a movement speed bonus (Hyper Sprint, Greater Haste).
    Scale stupidly high with rarity, the epic version is twice as good as the common one.
    Don’t forget to dash to keep the “Hyper Sprint” movement speed bonus up, especially right before using a “Rocket” (or before your special land if you don’t have it)
  • Greatest Reflex: extra dashes are both extra speed, and extra damage from “Tidal Dash”. Usually choose this over “Hyper Sprint” if it is at least rare quality, or if it is your 2nd Hermes boon
  • Hyper Sprint: faster speed is great, but the best thing is the ability to unlock “Rush Delivery”. Rarity does not matter.
  • Swift Flourish: good if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”, average otherwise
  • Second Wind: only average, but still nice to get as a fallback if you can’t get any of the above
  • Greater Haste: Faster movement is decent, and it can unlock a weaker version of “Rush Delivery” than the one with “Hyper Sprint”. Decently good in epic, bad in common rarity
  • Side Hustle: can be good if you get it early, but you want either “Hyper Sprint” or “Greatest Reflex” as your first Hermes boon
  • Greater Evasion: Dodge is less damage taken, so more health for “High Confidence”

6.4) Athena

  • Divine Flourish: Athena special is good, and it unlocks “Proud Bearing”.
    Good to pom if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”
  • Proud Bearing: very good, especially when combined with the “Sigil” call or even “Zeus’ Aid”. It allows you to use your Call right at the start of the room, especially strong for Styx tunnels. Decent to pom
  • Phalanx Shot: not a very useful boon, but opens up “Proud Bearing”.
    Don’t pom it

6.5) Aphrodite

  • Heartbreak Flourish: 2nd best special boon.
    Good to pom if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”
  • Sweet Surrender: Decent in common rarity, great in Epic.
  • Dying Lament: decent AoE damage, especially for high-density rooms.
    Don’t pom it

6.6) Artemis

  • Deadly Flourish: Best special boon.
    Good to pom if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”
  • Hunter’s Mark: very good boon with “Cluster” since you’ll often get a crit every time you special, but only decent without it.
    Average pom choice if you have “Cluster”, bad otherwise
  • Pressure Point: decent in common, good in epic.
    Pomming it is always a ~2% global damage increase, so it’s a decent pomming fallback
  • Artemis’ Aid: decent pick and the boon rarity isn’t very impactful.
    Usually better to get the other Artemis boons though and get either “Zeus‘ Aid” or “Sigil”
    Don’t pom it
  • Support Fire: decent, a weaker version of your “Lightning Strike” attack.
    More interesting if you have “Flurry Fire”

6.7) Ares

  • Battle Rage: decent pick that can actually be good with Cluster-Rocket

6.8) Dionysus

  • Strong Drink: good boon early on since it gives at least 20% global damage against Hades if you get in Tartarus, plus a full heal between biome and before Hades fight. Mediocre if you get it after Asphodel
  • Premium Vintage: the extra health is useful for “High Confidence”, and another Nectar is a free random pom
  • Dyonisus’ Aid: could be a decent call for bosses fight, but skipping it and getting “Sigil” is often better (even if you only equip “Sigil” in Styx)
    Don’t pom it

6.9) Demeter

  • Ravenous Will: a decent boon in common, good in epic. Using your cast often to keep the buff up is not very easy though
  • Frost Flourish: average special boon, and does not unlock anything.
    Good to pom if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”
  • Rare Crop: it can range from bad to good depending on its rarity and the boons it hits. Highly dependent on your setup. Rare Crop boys !

6.10) Chaos

Chaos don’t have a lot to offer for Eris, and there are some curses that you want to avoid. Usually take the “less worst” curse, unless you can get a good blessing

The best blessings are:

  • Flourish (special damage): very good if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”, average otherwise.
  • Favor (better boons rarity): good, but mostly if you get it early in your run
  • Soul (more HP): decent, health is damage with “High Confidence”

The curses you want to avoid are:

  • Roiling (more foes): never take this
  • Enshrouded (hidden reward): it can break your run if you miss an event or a shop, so usually don’t take it
  • Maimed (self-damage on attack): your health pool will be reduced to 1HP in no time. Still a possible curse choice in Tartarus
  • Halting (less dash range): you move slower overall, and your “Tidal Dash” has no range.
  • Slothful (less move speed): moving slower than a snail is probably not a good idea for a speedrun. Not so bad though if you have extra dashes
  • Pauper’s (no money): an annoying curse in early Tartarus, not so bad after
  • Abyssal (more trap damage): usually a “good” curse, but beware of the Asphodel lava

7) Well

Always check the well if you have money, but usually never spend your gold if you won’t have enough to buy a boon from your next shop (except for a “Light of Ixion”).
In Tartarus, Asphodel and Elysium, you are mostly looking for that “Light of Ixion”.
You should probably not buy anything else until Elysium unless you have a good chunk of gold.
You can (and sometimes should) skip a well if it is far from your way to the exit.

Before Styx, only reroll a well for a “Light of Ixion”. Don’t reroll in Tartarus. You should reroll only once in Asphodel and Elysium, but you can reroll more if it is a well in the Elysium biome.
It’s preferable to reroll the wells in a biome rather than the ones in the end biome shop (see the Chamber part of the guide about Chaos).

The interesting buffs from the well:

  • Light of Ixion: is the speedrunner’s favorite.
    A free Chaos chamber can save a huge amount of time, mostly in Elysium and/or if you get it at the end of the biome
  • Chimaera Jerky: a great purchase if you have “Cluster” and/or “Rocket”, not so useful otherwise
  • Aether Net: buy it, it’s good and cheap. It is however only offered if you have a call.
  • Ignited Ichor: mostly useful if you have “Rush Delivery” as it translates to damage.
  • Health items: health is damage with the “High Confidence” buff.
    “Hydralite” and “Eye of Larnia” are even more interesting to buy if you have the “Hourglass” keepsake
  • Night Spindle: it’s nice to buy one to get another summon for Styx mini-boss.
    Usually don’t buy more than 1 though
  • Yarn of Ariadne: interesting on paper, but you don’t always know what will be your next boon, and it costs quite a lot.
    Don’t buy it unless you like the next boon reward or if you have a lot of gold
  • Eris Bangle: decent pick if you have a lot of gold or during Styx
  • Flame Wheels Release: only offered in Elysium.
    While you don’t want to see regular flame wheels because they have a low monster value, Armored flame wheels are very good because they are still fast to kill, and have a high monster value.
    You should probably not buy this, except if you are at the beginning of Elysium and have a lot of gold

8) Biome

8.1) Tartarus


  • Wretched Sneak: Dash to the center of the room and special yourself.
    Wait for him to spawn, then teleport and reappear. Summon Meg, dash to him while using cast, shoot.
  • Doomstone: quickly dash to it, summon Meg, special, cast then shoot.
  • Bombers: tough to summon Meg correctly and hit them both. Check Meg’s guide.
    Summon, then special, cast one of them and kill it, then switch to the other.

The Furies (Megaera/Alecto/Tisiphone):
Meg and Alecto have the same HP, their transitions take ~6.6s IGT. Tisiphone has 15% more HP than the others, and her transitions take ~7.4s IGT
So Tisiphone is the worst. Meg vs Alecto is more about preference. Alecto tends to move more, but less far
Nothing game-breaking anyway.
Dash then special on the boss as soon you enter the room, then cast and dash again to reach the boss. Use your special when they become invulnerable so that it will land right after the shield vanishes.

8.2) Asphodel


  • Barge: same chance to get as the other mini-bosses room (⅓ chance), the barge of death will probably cost you around 15s compared to the others
  • Megagorgon: dash to the spawning gorgon, use your special, cast then go behind it to avoid the petrifying projectiles.
    Stick to the Gorgon and summon right when the Skullcrusher hit the ground.
    You should hit them both at once, killing the Gorgon. Finish the Skullcrusher before it teleports.
  • Witches Circle: hard to use your summon correctly. Check Meg’s guide.
    If going for the “3-witches” strategy described in this guide, dash to the side of the fourth witch (the one not targeted by the Meg summon), to avoid pushing it down and away from the others. Kill this witch, then the others.
    There is another “4-witches” strategy that is harder to do but is also a bit faster (no guide explaining it atm).


Don’t use your summon unless you bought an extra summon at the well.
Use your cast when the fight starts, special Lernie, then shoot and dash while avoiding the lava and Lernie attacks.
When Lernie shields, check the boiling lava and dash to it. Focus on one head, kill it, then switch to the closest one. After killing the last one, go back to Lernie and special him, then cast right when his shield fades. repeat the same process for the 3rd phase of the fight.
Dying once to Lernie is fine, play aggressively.

8.3) Elysium


  • Soul Catcher: dash to it, then summon. Special, cast, then kill it. Kill the adds if any spawned.
  • Asterius: summon, then special, cast, and shoot.
    You can also use your summon when Asterius shields.

Asterius and Theseus:

Take a step top and summon so you hit them both. Special between them, then use your cast on Asterius and start the shooting. Stay close to Theseus since Asterius will come to him.
When one of them becomes invulnerable, switch to the other. Usually, focus on Theseus when he becomes vulnerable again
Theseus invulnerability shield is currently bugged, and it can take several seconds for him to become vulnerable again.

8.4) Styx

As soon as you enter a tunnel chamber, try to quickly think of the best path that would connect the entrance to every enemy and finally to the exit.
Shoot and dash through this path as fast as possible, but don’t let an almost dead enemy behind since backtracking will cost you more time.
If you have a call and “Proud bearing” or 2x”Aether Net”, don’t forget to use it at the beginning of each chamber.
If you have “Breaking Wave”, enjoy the taste of sheer power.


  • Gigantic Vermin: straightforward fight, but it has a lot of HP.
  • Snakestone: –
  • The Jar: the fastest one, just try to kill before it spawns adds.
  • Satyr: –
  • Tiny Vermin: worst Styx mini-boss by far, it has a lot of HP, teleports around the room, and is hard to Meg.
    All my homies hate the Tiny Vermin


First phase:
Summon directly at the start of the fight, use your special on Hades, cast, then dash to him and start the shooting.
Focus the adds when he becomes invulnerable to fill your god gauge. Special him right before he loses his shield and focus him again.

Second phase:
Special and cast right before he loses his shield, as usual.
Play aggressively, you won’t need your death defiances anymore.
Hug him when he fires his dozens of lasers to avoid being hit.

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