Loyalty Card


This is an RTA speedrunning category extension invented by Maglevrtain, where you need to kill Charon as fast as possible.
The RTA timer start when the IGT one starts and ends when you pick up the loyalty card after defeating Charon.

Charon sack only has a 22% chance to appear in the first shop, so be prepared to reset a lot of runs.

The build


Hestia is probably the best weapon here since it will one-shot every enemy you’ll face during the first chambers, and will deal a ton of damage to Charon.
No boon or hammer is especially needed, just don’t take any boon on your attack or special.
A good dash like Poseidon or a good hammer like Targeting System can be very helpful though.


Shattered Shackle is the best choice since nothing can compare to a 100% increase to your attack/special for this run.


Thanatos deals the most damage of all the summons, and the attack delay is not an issue against Charon.


Forced Overtime 2 for faster enemy spawns and movement, but a much harder Charon fight.


Shadow Presence for the extra backstab damage to Charon, and you already one-shot every monster.
Chthonic Vitality for the small heal especially if you find a chaos gate
Death Defiance is safer against Charon
Greater Reflex for the extra speed
Boiling Blood for the extra damage
Stygian Soul so you don’t have to bother with your cast
Deep Pockets for the extra starting money, can help to buy health in the shop
Thick Skin is the safest choice since Charon hit like a truck.
High Confidence is potentially the best choice though if you start the Charon fight with enough HP and don’t die once
Family Favorite because you won’t have two curses
Olympian Favor because boon, pom, and hammer cost RTA time when you pick them
Gods’ Pride for your first boon
Fated Authority can be used to roll a boon/pom/hammer exit into gold/heart.
Rolling a door will roughly take the same time as picking a hammer (around 1s), but is about 3s faster than taking a boon.


Chambers before Charon

This is an RTA category so make fast choices, especially during boon and room selection.
Choose gold/health instead of boon/pom/hammer reward in chambers to gain a couple of seconds.
The most impactful thing in this run will be:

  • early Charon shop (as soon as chamber 6)
  • free chambers (Chaos and/or Fountain)
  • small rooms with big fat monsters for faster chambers clear
  • good boon or hammer in chamber 1

Charon fight

Always have a cast lodge into Charon, and try to backstab him as much as you can.
If you have a good dash, try to stay close and use it, but beware of his paddle attack.
Use your Thanatos summon either at the start of the second or third phase. When Charon becomes invincible, he does a « Cut Throat » animation. As soon as he finishes it, use your summon.
Dying will cost you several RTA seconds, so avoid it at all costs.

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