Rama Bow Guide

1) Introduction

Rama bow is a slow aspect, so don’t expect much from it.
It’s still quite decent in high-heat, but nothing as good as other aspects like Hestia.

2) Summary

The build:
The best Rama build involves getting Ares attack and Athena Special+Dash for the duo Merciful End.
For hammer, you really want Repulse Shot.
Start your run with Ares keepsake, then switch to Athena in Asphodel to get Merciful End asap.
Don’t take any call except Athena or Aphrodite, because Rama is weak and you need to protect yourself.

Shoot enemies from afar. Don’t use your special since it’s quite bad.
Spam your Aphrodite/Athena call to charm/avoid monsters and run away from them.
Use your Bouldy summon when possible to regain the health you lost.

Always choose “free rooms” over regular rooms because you don’t want to fight.
Prioritize Hermes for Greatest haste (more chance to flee) and Greater Evasion.
Use your reroll mostly to get those boons from Hermes, Chaos Life bonus, and the Merciful End duo.
Repulse Shot is almost mandatory as a first hammer.

3.1) Mirror

  • Shadow Presence for extra backstab damage
  • Dark Regeneration helps to maintain your health during the run, you need to pick a lot of darkness to get full HP
  • Stubborn Defiance is better because you will die a lot
  • Ruthless Reflex to increase the pitiful damage of Rama bow
  • Abyssal Blood for the extra safety
  • Infernal Soul your cast is a big part of your damage since Rama damage is quite weak
  • Golden Touch keep your money early on, and buy good stuff in Styx shop
  • High Confidence is damage, so you need it for Rama
  • Privileged Status is a good choice since you want ME and Athena exposed debuff
  • Dark Foresight more chance for good chamber rewards. Boons are very important for a fast run
  • Gods’ Legacy to get ME as fast as you can
  • Fated Persuasion because you want to reroll the god rewards to get the best build

3.2) Keepsake

The keepsake order is:
Tartarus: Blood-Filled Vial
Asphodel: Owl Pendant
Elysium: Acorn
Styx: Acorn

Always pick Acorn in Elysium/Styx to avoid dying

3.3) Summon

Bouldy is the right choice to get extra health since you’ll get hit a lot.

3.4) Pact of punishment (Heat)

Check the Generic Information. FO-2 is the way to go.

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