For any information about speedrunning, check the Discord server:
Everyone is wholesome there and happy to help.


A good way to improve is to watch other runners. Most of them are streamers, and you can check their best runs here:


Check the wiki if you need information about boons and such:

Maxed save file

You can download a maxed save file with an empty run history (Max Save With No Run History, by Ellomenopi) here:

While you should probably finish the whole game before using it, it can be useful if you don’t have enough Blood to buy the upgrade for a weapon or do not have maxed your Summon / Keepsake / Mirror


LiveSplit can help you better time your runs and compare to other runners. Check this guide: made by our wholesome Museus

Other guides

Speedrunning basic by Wriste

Wriste-lol made an excellent generic speedrunning guide:

Speedrunning videos by Haelian

Haelian made several video guides about the mirror, heat and more : Haelian’s Youtube

Monsters information:

List of every monster HP and « modifier » : Google sheet

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