You can check the rules here: https://www.speedrun.com/hades#Any_Heat
Always record your run if you want to be on the leaderboard, you never know when that PB will happen!
You can simply record with the Windows default recorder (Windows+G in game), but there are better dedicated softwares like OBS.
A run in the unseeded category has to show the death from the previous run (killing Hades count as a death), because when you « Give Up » you still keep the same seed for your next run.
One of the rules states that you cannot open the Codex while the timer is running (to prevent a potential exploit). It is preferable to just either unbind your codex, or bind to a button/key you will not press unintentionally.


IGT: « In-game time », the clock in the top right corner.
RTA: « Real Time », the real duration of your run.
Any% (or Any-Heat): a single run where you can use any amount of heat (pact of punishment).

Playing IGT is a good way to get into speedrunning. You can pause the game whenever you want to analyze a situation (choosing a door for instance), and have all your time to select a boon reward in the menu.
Playing RTA requires more knowledge of the game since you need to make fast decisions throughout the run.
You should probably play either RTA or IGT and not try both at once, since they require different “Pact of Punishment” and involve some different choices during your run.

Controller vs Keyboard
While the game advises you to play with a Controller and most speedrunners use one, you can still play with a mouse and keyboard (MKb), especially with Eris.
Both have their pros and cons. It is easier to target your special where you want with MKb, but you can only move in 8 directions (top, top-left, left….).
If playing KBm, you should probably turn auto-aim on, and everything else off.

What time should I get in each biome to reach subX
Each biome roughly takes the same time to complete. So if you are aiming for a sub10 for instance, you should try to get:
2:30 In Tartarus -> 5:00 Asphodel -> 7:30 Elysium -> 8:45 before Hades fight -> sub10 Hades kill
Each biome can of course be much faster or slower depending on the chambers you get.
If you get “Cluster-Rocket”, your damage will speed Elysium, Styx and Hades fight a lot.

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