Zagreus Rail Guide

1) Introduction

Zagreus rail can be one of the fastest aspects, but you will need Spread Fire as your first hammer, so it’s a reset-heavy build.
You can also play it using the same build as Eris. It will be less powerful, but also more reset-friendly.
This guide assumes you’re building the Zag rail with Spread Fire, otherwise check the Eris guide
This is a small guide atm, maybe it’ll be expanded

2) Summary

The build:
Spread Fire as your first hammer, Artemis attack, and Artemis Dash. You also really want Greatest Reflex from Hermes and the Heart Rend duo.
Start your run with Artemis keepsake, then switch to Aphrodite in Asphodel, then Sigil for Elysium/Styx.
Don’t take any call except Zeus or Dionysus.

You’re playing a melee weapon. Dash to your target and shoot.
Use your Aphrodite special when you reload to proc Heart Rend.
Use your cast against armored enemies and bosses.
Use your Megaera summon at the start of mini-bosses and bosses fight.

Always choose “free rooms” (event -> shop -> chaos -> mini-boss) over regular rooms.
Prioritize Hermes for Greatest Reflex then Artemis/Aphrodite/Hammer.
Use your reroll mostly to get Greatest Reflex from Hermes, Chaos Attack and Dash-strike, and the Heart Rend duo.
Spread Fire is mandatory as a first hammer. For the second one, take Targeting-> any « bomb » hammer -> Piercing

3) Setup

3.1) Mirror

  • Shadow Presence for extra backstab damage
  • Chthonic Vitality helps to maintain your health during the run, and every chamber reward is better than darkness
  • Death Defiance let you play very aggressively during bosses fights, and it regenerates more health when you die
  • Greater Reflex to move faster
  • Boiling Blood for the extra damage
  • Stygian Soul you don’t want to chase your cast when it drops. It also removes some bad boons from the gods’ pool, like “Lightning Rod” and “Flurry Cast”, and is easier to use if you get “Ravenous Will”
  • Deep Pockets money is scarce early on, and you want to be able to buy early boons from shops
  • High Confidence is damage, so it’s preferable. However, if you don’t feel safe or get hit often, switching to “Thick Skin” is a correct choice
  • Family Favorite is better because your only curse will probably be the weak from Aphrodite, and FF buff apply directly at the beginning of your run
  • Dark Foresight more chance for good chamber rewards. Boons are very important for a fast run
  • Gods’ Pride increases your base 5% epic boon chance up to 25%. The only duo boon you want is Heart Rend, and taking Aphrodite Keepsake in Apshodel should be enough to get it.
  • Fated Persuasion because you want to reroll the god rewards to get the best build

3.2) Keepsake

The keepsake order is:
Tartarus: Adamant Arrowhead for Deadly Strike and Hunter Dash
Asphodel: Eternal Rose for Aphrodite special and/or the Heart Rend duo
Elysium: Hourglass or Purse or Sigil
Styx: Acorn or Sigil

The choice in Elysium/Styx depends on your current build, but to make it simple:

  • In Elysium, if you have a call, take « Hourglass » and check the wells mostly for Cyclops Jerky.
    If you don’t have a call, take “Hourglass” if the well has a “Cyclops Jerky”. Otherwise, take “Sigil”.
  • In Styx, use “Sigil” if you have no call already.
    “Acorn” is a decent choice, but only if you already have a call or a few “Death Defiance” left.
    The burst from “Sigil” combined with the possibility to manipulate Hades’ fight will be better than the “Acorn” buff.

3.3) Summon

Meg is the right choice for any%, as usual. Check the Generic Information

3.4) Pact of punishment (Heat)

Check the Generic Information. FO-2 is better, but running FO-1 is also fine.

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